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Tenpura Kakiage Fake Food


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Tenpura Kakiage

Item size H20mm×W95mm×D95mm

Tenpura is a variety of deep-fried foods or fritters. Shrimp, prawn, small fish, squid and vegetables are the main ingredients. (Watery foods such as cabbage and fruit are generally not used.) These are dipped in the batter of wheat flour mixed with egg and some water, and deep-fried in vegetable oil. They are eaten hot, dipped in a sauce (ten-tsuyu) made from soy sauce, sweet rice wine and fish broth, mixed with grated Japanese radish A bulk order and a special order are also possible.

The Japanese who is a product made from a plastic creates fake food by handmade.

We have fake food that are not listed on our website.

A bulk order and a special order are also possible.

Please ask us about the price and availability.

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If so, I am sorry.

It may differ from a photograph for creation by a craftsman.

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